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        Battery Fill Systems- PRO-FILL, Qwik-Fill, 8D
6V-8V 12V PRO-FILL Shown Below
VIDEO- Qwik-Fill Installation
VIDEO- PRO-FILL Installation
VIDEO- PRO-FILL Operation With Hand Pump
VIDEO- PRO-FILL Operation With Regulated Hose Supply
Duffy Electric Boats Mulitple Off Grid Golf Carts
RV Applicaton Marine

Gem, Coco, Fairplay, Tomberline Star, Drive Electric

Deere, Bad Boy, Polaris
Electric On Road Vehicles Utility Vehicles
6VOLT PRO-FILL Battery Watering Systems- Free Shipping on orders over $50.00!
6 Volt Pro-Fill Universal Solar Off Grid, RV, Marine, and Golf Cart applicatons!  

"I think it's (PRO-FILL) the best invention since the garbage disposal
and garage door opener!"- Customer Will Eastes Suprize AZ

Customer Comments; Save Your Garage Floor From Battery Acid

Introducing "PRO-FILL" the Flow-Rite 6 volt battery watering system for boats, golf carts  and utility vehicles, a new accessory that makes the difficult task of watering   volt deep cycle batteries elementary.   It consists of automatic shut-off valves, one mounted in each battery cell, interconnected with tubing.  The val ves replace the standard vent caps.  A quick coupler allows the tubing to be connected to a water supply.  Water flows into each each cell to the properllevel and pressure build up tells the operator when all the cells have been topped.   The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Easy to Install-  A Flow-Rite Battery Watering System can be installed on a vehicle or boat in about ten  minutes. Simply replace the vent caps with our valve manifold, connect the manifolds with tubing     segments by simply pushing the tubing onto barb connectors, cap the unused barb ports and attach the quick coupler. That's all there is to it!

Easy to Use
The operator simply connects the water supply quick coupler into the mating battery mounted system.    Squeeze the ball and flow begins instantly. When pressure is felt in the ball assembly the battery is full.   Do not attempt to overfill at this point.

Valve Length Technical Specifications

Valve Asm- How It Works

Pro-Fill Features- Video

Qwik-Fill Installation- PDF

12V Qwik-Fill Shown Below
Qwik-Fill Battery Watering Systems- 12 Volt-  Free Shipping on orders over $75.00

12 Volt system for all group size 24 and 27 batteries. Also will fit most 29 through 31      lead acid batteries.

CONVENIENCE- Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on a work   bench Simple hand pump operation. Use with any distilled water container No need to remove vent covers Several batteries can be connected (three max) and filled at the     same time. You can fill from any point above, at, or below battery water level and up              to 20 feet away. Quik disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a "SNAP".

Safety- Remote watering eleminates hazard of conventional filling No need to open        vent covers No risk of acid splashes or dangerous fumes Flame arrestors prevent     external sparks or flame from igniting flammable cell gases. Prevents acid spill even      when if battery is tilted or leans at high angles Proper electrolyte levels prevents    dangerous acid bubble out during charging.

Performance- Automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering Provides electrolyte  level accuracy within 1/8". Proper electrolyte level improves battery life. Proper electrolyte level improves battery performance. Elimination of acid bubble out on charge to prevent loss of battery acid and performance.
4D, 6D, 8D Aqua-Pro Shown Below
How Does Aqua Pro Work?

Valve Seal

Valve Lense

Float Spindle

Aqua Pro is manufactured in Germany by Rover and Rover.  This particular valve is available for most batteries.  JWP sell only the Aqua Pro for the standard 4D, 6D, and 8D Energizer and Sam's Club Energizer batteries.  This is the only battery water kit valve assemble for this battery.

This valve is designed specifically for the .75" diameter cell opening in these batteries or is available for the older style .75" threaded cell openings wiit a special "O" Ring seal installed on the diameter of the cell body.  Consult JWP for this specific application.
  • Multi Pressure
    AquaPro's shut-off valve is able to operate with the low gravity pressure created by an elevation of 1.5 m (5 ft) all the way through to the high pressure of 45 psi (3 bar) - the widest range of all available fill systems in the world!

  • High Speed
    AquaPro's shut-off valve has the largest water passage of all watering systems--making it to the fastest!

  • Air Immunity
    AquaPro's shut-off valve is virtually immune to air in the hose system WITHOUT PURGING!

  • Reliable Function
    AquaPro's shut-off valve uses the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces of water, always adapting to existing pressure conditions. This makes AquaPro® more reliable than any other watering system.

  • Precise Filling
    AquaPro's shut-off valve ensures an absolutely precise electrolyte level from the first cell to the last. Every fill cap will stop replenishing exactly when the required electrolyte level is reached in its cell.

  • Incline Tolerance
    AquaPro's shut-off valve works perfectly, even if the battery is 15 degrees out of level, because of the movable linked valve. The user does not have to worry if the vehicle is on an incline or level.

  • Series Connection
    AquaPro's shut-off valve allows the fill caps to be strung together theoretically without limitation. No parallel branches are needed.

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