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Aluminum Float Step Dock Ladder
FloatStep Dock Lift Ladder

Not This!

Floating Position- Polyethylene molded float at bottom of ladder keeps ladder step section above water at all times.
Lower Position- Grasp handles and carefully put your body weight on the step. This will lower the step section to the lower block position. Stand on ladder and climb to dock level.
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But This!

The FloatStep Difference

What makes FloatStep® different from all other dock ladders?
Any ladder left in the water deteriorates due to elements or marine growth. While fresh water is not as harsh on wood or metal ladders, they still suffer from varying degrees of decomposition and marine growth depending on the water conditions. People have tried treated lumber to slow down the decay of the ladder. While this is harmful to the environment and illegal in many states and may decrease the rate of decay, the ladder parts remaining in the water still decompose and attract marine life.
Metal ladders are subject to corrosion in fresh water as well as attract marine growth. How many times do you remember someone stepping on ladders that remain in the water and either slip or simply complain about the slimy surface? The cuts and splinters often become infected due to the growth on the ladder itself. When you are in a salt water environment the effect
of marine growth can be severe.

A ladder that is not in contact with the water is  a superior product.

Innovative Marine Design and Fabrication

  • FloatStep molded float keeps the ladder rungs free from hazaderous marine growth
  • Molded Float is UV stablized and protected and contains no PCB's
  • Designed for fixed or floating docks or seawalls
  • Track system allows ladder to automatically adjust to water level changes
  • FloatStep ladder rungs are slip resistant
  • All Alluminum welded construction for maximum strength and durablility
  • Safe, easy access to and from your dock or deck at any water level.
  • FloatStep is designed as a maintenance free ladder
  • Low profile to minimize interference with boats at dock
  • Advanced FloatStep float includes integrated drain technology and is made from polyethylene plastic
  • Each step is 12" apart vertically.  A five step ladder when extended will measure five feet from the top of your bottom step.
  • Fabricated with marine grade 6000 series aluminum
  • High quality plastic busning allow for a smooth effortless travel up and donw
  • Always at the right level when you need it!
  FloatStep Ladder Assembly Instructions
This ladder is also available in a 8, 9, and 10 step configuration.  Call for pricing.

The FLOAT STEP DOCK LADDER does not qualifies for Free Shipping


Mid Atlantic Docks Float Step

  Floatstep Dock Ladder- 3 Step
Price: $549.00
Quantity in Basket: none

  Floatstep Dock Ladder- 4 Step
Price: $629.00
Quantity in Basket: none

  Floatstep Dock Ladder- 5 step
Price: $699.00
Quantity in Basket: none

  Floatstep Dock Ladder- 6 Step
Price: $759.00
Quantity in Basket: none

  Floatstep Dock Ladder- 7 Step
Price: $799.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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