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Roll-N-Go Accessories Upgrade
Roll-n-Go Accessories and Upgrades
Part # Name/Item Description Web Price UPS Ground
WINCHUP Winch Upgrade- Autobrake* 1500 Dead Lift,w/50' Strap (added to base price $76.95 $10.00
KEELROLLKIT Keel Roller Kit For Models 750, 1200, 2000 $76.95 $18.00
ROLLERSET12 Roller Set- Mod. 750/1200/Pontoon 2 rollers, 2 brackets, hardware (Red) $76.95 $15.00
ROLLSET20 Roller Set- Model 2000 4 rollers, 2 axles, hardware (blue/white) $153.95 $18.00
ANCHORKIT Ground Anchor Kit Includes anchror chain and hardware $39.95 $15.00
ANCHOR Ground Anchor Anchor Only $9.95 $12.00
FLOATKIT Float Kit- Basic** Includes 2 beams (8'-6"), 2 floats, hardware $977.99 $165.00
FLOATBEAMS Second Pair of Beams/Floats Same as FLOATKIT with rail mounting hardware for added bouyancy (beams not included) $814.95 $145.00
FLOATDROPRL Drop Roller Kit Use with Basic Float Kit $163.95 $18.00
FLOATANGLE Angle Bracket Kit Use with Basic Float Kit $109.95 $39.00
FLOATSINGLE Extra Float (380# Buoyancy Each) Includes beam mounting hardware but not the beam $218.95 $72.00
LEGKIT Basic Leg Kit- Two Legs Bolts to Rail, you supply 1 1/4" ID Pipe $109.95 $18.00
WIDEKIT Wide Support Kit- 8'-6" Add to Basic Leg Kit $218.99 $62.00

Not Avaliable on Model PWC*
Add $75.00 for Residental Delivery**

Basic Leg Kit

Roller Set 12

Roller Set 20

Wide Support Kit- 8.5'

Winch Upgrade

Basic Float Kit- 2 Per Kit

Ground Anchor- Auger
Into Lake Bottom

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Roll-n-Go Upgrades and Accessories
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