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Boat Lift Solar Charging Panel and Mounting Arm Kits

Now you can purchase just the right kit to keep your battery operated lift fully charged year around.  No need to remove your battery and hook up to a electric charger.  Install a Lake Lite solar charging kit for year around convenience.  These kits include all necessary parts for a complete installation.  Install it and forget it.  Due to increased cost of shipping solar charging kits do not include free shipping.  Oops, don't forget to add water to your batteries.

  • Includes arm, braces and worm straps, solar panels, controller
  • Welded aluminum square tubing bracket- strong
  • Four models/styles available- single 10W/12V, single 20W/12V, single 20W/24V,dual 10W/12V, and dual 10W/24V kit.
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Click on images below to print data sheet showing complete kit components!


Link- Click Here For Solar Panel Wiring Diagrams

Charging Panel ,Mounting Arm, Charge Contollers

      Do you need just a solar panel or a mounting arm?  You can purchase just the individual components.

      Solar Panels Only-

  • LL-SP-10w-12V- 10 Watt Solar Panel for charging 12V battery
  • LL-SP-20w-12V-  20 Watt Solar Panel for chaging 12V battery
  • LL-SP-20w-24V-  20 Watt Solar Panel for chaging 24V dual batteries
      Mounting Arms Only-
  • LL-SPMA-10w-X1-  Single 10 Watt Solar Panel mounting arm with straps
  • LL-SPMA-10w-X2-  Dual 10 Watt Solar Panel mounging arm with straps
  • LL-SPMS-20w-      Single 20 Watt Solar Panel mounting arm with straps
Order These Components Below

Battery Status Indicator

Single and Dual Aluminum
Battery Trays

Link- Battery Status Indicator Instructions
Link- Battery Tray Instructions
Link- Owl Kit Instructions


Aluminum- Solar Cleat Lite

$69.95 each

The 12" Solar Cleat Lite is quite possibly the coolest thing to hit the dock market yet! No more stubbed toes on those hard to see cleats at night! Not only does the cleat lite allow you see where to tie up after the sun sets, it provides great ambient pathway lighting.

The cleat lite is manufactured from heavy duty aluminum with a poly carbonate Lexan lens for endured longevity. Mounting is easy with recessed cavities for standard 1/2" hex bolts, or if needed use washer with 3/8" hex screws.

V5.0 Solar Dock Lights

New v5 Solar Dock Lites are now available in round, square, and rectangular style mounts.  This latest verson from Lake Lite is three times brighter than the older model.  The new design allows you to mount the LED in one common socket plus there are two brightness settings.

V5.0 Post  Style  Selector Chart

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