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Slimline Dockside 36 Inch Power Pedestal

Slim Line Dockside Electrical Pillars Model

                                SPC-36-3A                                          SPC-36-4T
                         Aluminum Covers                          Thermo Plastic Covers

Standard Features

  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 36"(Height)
  • Casing: Maximum four receptacles (6 poles)
  • Extruded aluminum 6063 with 1/8" wall thickness. No seams.
  • Welded base for extra strength
  • All stainless steel fasteners with nylon washers
  • Isolation plate to separate water, telephone and TV from "electrical" (completely waterproof)
  • Each receptacle protected by a thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Marine grade electrical receptacles are available in 20 amp duplex GFI and 20, 30 & 50 amp twist-lock (4 max)
  • Electrical distribution block - direct feed
  • Lenses for the lights are on three sides and are made of lexan
  • Cone top
  • Listed by qualified testing agency, meet or exceeds the requirements for UL 231, NFPA 303, and the NFPA 70 National Electrical code Article 555.
General Specifications
  • All pedestals to have cone tops
  • All circuit breakers to be SQ D
  • All recepticales to be HUBBELL
  • All pedestals wiill have the ability for direct feed to accommodate up to 2/0 wire. 
  • All sock pedestals to be power coated white.
  • 15 year unconditional on structural integrity of 100% alumium casing
  • 2 year unconditional on construction and fabrication of casing and covers
  • 2 year unconditional on HUBBELL receptacles- unliminited on manufacturing defects
  • One year on Square D breakers
  • Power block - loop feed (stud) - maximum wire size 250 MCM cable
  • TV/telephone receptacle
  • PL-7 fluorescent light & photo cell
  • Thermo plastic receptacle covers
  • Electric meters
  • Hose holders / cable brackets
  • Natural aluminum finish and custom colors available
  • Custom pillars available
  • See SPB-41 for 100 Amp service requirements
Calculate Pricing by simple addition:

1.  Base Price- $384.95

2.  Choose Receptacle Type (Aluminum Cover or Thermo Plastic.  Each type
is water proof.  Aluminum receptical have pivoting cover and plug is directed downward at a 45 degree angle)-

Receptacles With Aluminum Covers-
  • 30 Amp- 125V Twistlock (4 Max)- $107.00 each
  • 50 Amp- 125/250V Twistlock- $218.00 each
  • 20 Amp- 110V GFCI Duplex-  $138.00 each
Receptacles With Thermo Plastic Covers-

  • 30 Amp- 125V Twistlock (4 Max)- $75.00 each
  • 50 Amp- 125/250V Twistlock- 4 Max- $175.00  each
  • 20 Amp- 110V GFCI Duplex-4 Max- $94.00 each

3.  Choose Final Options To Complete Your Order-

  • Cable TV- $14.40
  • Telephone Only- $31.50
  • Combination Cable TV and Telephone- $44.00
  • Single Hose Faucet- $28.80
  • Dual Hose Faucets- $51.25
  • Hose Holder- $25.60
  • Light and Photo Cell- $49.00
  • Loop Power Block (for wiring pedestal in series)- $60.00
  • Mini Electric Meter (single)- $232.00
  • Water Meter-  $200.00 ea.
  • Extra 1-Pole Circuit Braker- $45.00
  • Extra 2-Pole Circuit Breaker- $62.00
Florida Residence please add 6% sales tax.  Manufactured in Fl. by IDP, Pembroke Park, FL.  Shipping is FOB Florida.  Customer to pay actual shipping cost.

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Slim Line Dock Side Electrical Pillar

  Slim Line Power Pedestal- 36" High- Most Popular Options- Customer Pays Shipping
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