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DUAL PRO RV and BOAT Chargers- We No Longer are Selling this Product- effective date 11/5/17

Dual Pro Battery Chargers are the selection of over 50 boat manufactures

The Dual Pro marine battery chargers are 12 volt independent output, 6, 10, and 15 amp, single output, temperature compensating battery chargers. They are a waterproof charger, and fully potted for vibration resistance. They are available as portable units, with a handle and alligator clips or come with mounting points. They are robust and durable chargers, which can be mounted and hard wired in a severe duty application for years of trouble free service. They are also built in the USA, which is not particularly common for electronic items any more.

The Dual Pro 12 volt charger, in marine grade, is appropriate for applications where an exterior grade battery charger is required or desired. They have mounting flanges, and will endure water, vibration, and temperature. They are used in marine applications, like boats with a single battery for starting or trolling. The Dual Pro chargers are designed to shut off completely when the battery is fully charged, and the microprocessor monitors the battery voltage, initiating another charge sequence if battery voltage requires it. Some battery engineers prefer this method of charging to decrease water loss (flooded batteries).

PRO Charging Systems builds high quality, leading-edge charging technologies designed to provide clients value over the long-term. In short, our systems are designed and built to last. While our charging systems are competitively priced, they provide significant additional value since our products charge batteries faster, maintain the charge for greater duration and make batteries last longer. That translates to happier boaters on the water, more productive employees in industrial settings and fewer batteries that have to be replaced overtime. The "value" multiplier for our product in most application is significant.

JWP offers the following Pro Charging Systems- Professional, Sportsman and Recreational Series and Charge On The Run Series.  These products provide impressive performance designed to keep your equipment running longer between charges and while extending the service life of your batteries. That is why Pro Charging Systems is the charger of choice for boat manufacturers, golf cart manufacturers, floor scrubber companies and other industrial users. It is also why many battery manufacturers endorse Pro Charging System chargers since they extend the life of their batteries.

NEW! Charge On The Run- The Charge On The Run series monitors the charging current from your outboard motor. This charger will monitor the cranking battery first. When the voltage from the cranking battery reaches 13.8 volts, the charger will switch to chargering the trolling motor batteries. If more than one trolling motor battery is present, the charger will switch from battery to battery every 5 seconds. So you will charge on the run every time you fire up and head to the next fishing hole!

Dual Pro RV and Marine Chargers
Series Part Number Description- Amperage Per Circuit/ Application Price
RealPRO Series

RS1 PRO-Charging System- RS1, 1- 6 Amp Bank, 6 Amp Battery Charger
1-6 Am,p-  3.0 x 4.5 x 6.5", 3.0#,
One 6 Amp- Marine Grade Waterproof
117.95 (+12.95 Shipping)
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RealPRO Series

RS2 PRO-Charging System- RS2, 2- 6 Amp Bank, 12 Amp Battery Charger
 2-6 Amp-  3.0 x 4.5 x 7.25", 5.0#,
Two 6 Amp Banks- Marine Grade Waterproof
$147.95 (+$14.95 Shipping)
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RealPRO Series

RS3 PRO-Charging System- RS3, 3- 6 Amp Bank, 18 Amp Battery Charger
 3-6 Amp-  3.0 x 4.5 x 10.25", 7.0#,
Three 6 Amp Banks- Marine Grade Waterproof
$194.95 (+$16.95 Shipping)
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Sportsman Series
SS1 PRO-Charging Systems - SS1 1-10 amp banks,  10 Amp Battery Charger
4.75 x 8.00 x 6.68", 5.50#
One 10 Amp- Marine Grade Waterproof
$159.95 (+$16.95 Shipping)
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Sportsman Series
SS2 RO-Charging Systems - SS2 2-10 amp banks,  20 Amp Battery Charger
4.75 x 8.00 x 9.25", 10.88#
Two 10 Amp Banks- Marine Grade Waterproof
$249.95 (+$16.95 Shipping)
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Sportsman Series
SS3 RO-Charging Systems - SS3 3-10 amp banks,  30 Amp Battery Charger
4.75 x 8.00 x 11.25", 55.50#
Three 10 Amp Banks- Marine Grade Waterproof
$299.95 (+$18.95 Shipping)
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Sportsman Series
SS4 RO-Charging Systems - SS4, 4-10 amp banks,  40 Amp Battery Charger
4.75 x 8.00 x 14.25", 22.20#
Four 10 Amp Banks- Marine Grade Waterproof
$399.95 (+$18.95 Shipping)
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PRO Series
PS1 PRO Charging Systems- PS1,1-15 Amp Bank, 15 Amp Battery Charger
5.00 x 825 x 6.36", 7.00#
One 15 Amp Bank- Marine Grade Waterproof
$199.95 (+$16.95 Shipping)
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PRO Series
PS2 PRO Charging Systems- PS2,2-15 Amp Bank, 30 Amb Battery Charger
5.00 x 825 x 6.36", 14.50#
Two 15 Amp Bank- Marine Grade Waterproof
$289.95 (+$16.95 Shipping)
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PRO Series
PS3 PRO Charging Systems- PS3,3-15 Amp Bank, 45 Amp Battery Charger
6.00 x 825 x 13.00", 22.50#
Three 15 Amp Bank- Marine Grade Waterproof
$379.95 (+$18.95 Shipping)
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PRO Series
PS4 PRO Charging Systems- PS3,3-15 Amp Bank, 60 Amp Battery Charger
7.25 x 825 x 15.88", 29.8#
Four 15 Amp Bank- Marine Grade Waterproof
$479.95 (+$18.95 Shipping)
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Charge On The Run 12V
CRS1 PRO-Charging Systems- CRS1 One  Battery, Engine Output- charges extra
batteries while  engine  is running.  Gain up to 30% more battery time on the water.
1 Battery 12V, 4 x 6 x 5.5, 5.50#-  NEW!
$205.95 (+$12.95 Shipping)
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Charge On The Run 24V
CRS2 PRO-Charging Systems- CRS2 Two  Battery, Engine Output- charges extra
batteries while  engine  is running.  Gain up to 30% more battery time on the water.
2 Batteries 12V-24V 12V, 4 x 6 x 5.5, 6.00#-  NEW!

$2479.95 (+$12.95 Shipping)
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DUAL PRO Battery Chargers

PRO SERIES Charger PS1- 15 AMP Single Battery- $16.95 Shipping Added to Final Invoice
Price: $199.95
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1. New Millenium Charging Technology- Exclusive method that incorporates failsafe, step down power supplies, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR's), highly advanced integrated circuitry and a new microprocessor that not only assures a full charge but keeps your batteries conditioned for extended life.

2. Safest Chargers Ever Manufactured.-Protected against reverse polarity, short circuits, overvoltage and ground faults and will not allow sparking or arcing under any conditions.

3. Most Reliable Chargers On The Market Today-Our chargers are designed to last for the lifetime of your equipment. The return rate is less than two percent-well over 150,000 in service.

4. Charges Batteries to 100% Without Overcharging- Our chargers will bring the batteries to 100% of their full potential. Our tests against major competitors confirm that we achieve both the highest Specific Gravity and longest discharge times of any charger on the market without overcharging.

5. Full Shut-Off After Charge- No Trickle Charge. Most equipment owners are looking for a charger that has a full shut-off since they know that this is the best way to prevent overcharging and "frying" their batteries. We have a full shut-off and a monitoring system that allows our chargers to return to charge mode only as needed.

6. Trouble Free- Just Plug It In And Forget It. This is the number one comment that we hear from our customers. We recommend that the chargers be plugged in to power at all times since it has the automatic shut-off and automatic return to charge features. This makes our chargers ideal for both overnight charging and long term storage.

 7. Totally Independent Chargers In The Same Housing. We use independent power supplies and totally independent electronic circuits for each bank of our chargers. This allows for seperate and simultaneous charging of each battery. For example, our Three Bank Pro Charger actually contains three seperate battery chargers.

8. Monitors The Ambient Temperature To Assure A Full Charge. A unique feature of our chargers is a temperature sensing device located in the leads going to each battery. By automatically adjusting the charge for any given ambient temperature, we assure a full charge in all weather conditions.

9. True Reverse Polarity Protection. When the leads of the chargers are accidentally touched together or connected to the wrong poles of a battery, no sparking or arcing will occur and the charger's circuits will not be damaged. Before the charger can deliver current it must be connected properly to a battery.

10. Fully Waterproof- We were the first completely waterproof charger on the market. Our chargers are sealed in a waterproof case that protects the electrical components without smothering the m and causing severe overheating.

11. Most Economical- Our chargers are competitively priced with others on the market. In the long term we save the equipment owner money by prolonging the life of his batteries. The best thing you can do to extend battery life and performance is to keep a full charge on the battery without overcharging it. We accomplish this better than any other chargers.

12. No Mounting Restriction-. Since our chargers generate very little heat, there are no mounting restrictions. To our knowledge we have the only chargers with this feature.

13. Available In Stainless Steel Models- We offer all of our chargers in a stainless steel case for about 10% more money.

14. Designed And Manufactured In The U.S.A- We design our own products and they are manufacturerd by our company in Nashville, Tennessee. This gives us total control of product quality and assures our commitment to customer service.

15. FCC Part 15 A and B Interference Compliance. Our chargers are in total compliance with these FCC Regulations. Most chargers do not comply and some competitors have been taken off the market for this reason.

16. Recommended By Battery Manufacturers. If you were to ask most major manufacturers, chances are they would tell you that our chargers charge their batteries better than any other charger on the market. Some are considering extending their battery's warranty if the customer uses one of our chargers.

17. Chargers Of Choice For Major Equipment Manufacturers. We market our chargers to OEM's, Distributors, and Dealers in the following industries: Marine, Trucking, Material Handlers, Fire Engines, Rescue Vehicles, Hi-Tech Industrial Equipment, Golf Carts, RVs, Wheel Chairs and Others.

18. C.E. Approval For European Customers. We have one of the few battery chargers that have C.E. approval. This certification is required for battery chargers installed on equipment to be sold on the European Market.

19. Best Warranty And Customer Service- We are known for having the best possible customer service. Our two year, no hassle, warranty is unconditional. We ship a free replacement the same day we find out about a problem, and we pay the freight both ways.

20. One Year Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee- We offer our customers a full year to try our chargers and if they are not completely satisfied, we will take the product back and give them a full refund of the purchase price. The only offer of this kind anywhere

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