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Electric Utility Vehicles Battery Water Kits
John Deere Gator, Polaris XT, Bad Boy Buggies
Purchase Battery Water Kits for these vehicles and more!
VIDEO- PRO-FILL Installation Directions
These "Green" electric vehicles are coming on board faster than a scared rabbit.  We have battery water kits for these vehicles.  Be sure that your batteries match the ones specified in the product description.  There are different models available so they may have a different battery layout other than shown.  Contact us to be sure you get the correct kit.  E-mail bob@janwp.com  just to be sure.

Scott Coney, Franklin, TN Comments,
"The PRO-FILL System on my  POLARIS RANGER is worth every penny I spent.  The installation
went flawless.  The most time was spent cleaning off the battery tops before installing the system.
 I thought the batteries were full,  but the PRO-FILL system still took 3/4 galllon of water before shutting off".

Why not be our next satisfied customer!

Deere Gator

Bad Boy Buggies

Polaris Ranger XT EV

Bad Boy Buggies RECOIL iS

Easy to install with a 5 year warranty on your battery water kit!

Deere Gator

Part # BG-U48V-1G

These kits are for eight 6V, Trojan T105 batteries,
with 2.7" cell spacing.  There is one fill point for the full set of eight batteries.
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Bad Boy Buggies

    Bad Boy RECOIL iS- With US8V GC-8V batteries-
    Part # BG-BB72V-2, with 2.5" cell spacing
    Order kit below

    Bad Boy Classic- With Crown CR245- 6V batteries-
    Part # BG-U48V-1G
    Order kit below, see installation link by clicking on the link

     Link- Bad Boy RECOILiS Drawing

    Bad Boy  ST- With Crown CR245- 6V batteries-
    Part# BG-U48V-1G
    Order kit below

    Bad Boy XT- With Crown CR245- 6V batteries-
    Part # BG-U48V-1G
    Order kit below

    There are different battery layout for these vehicles.
    Your order will include a drawing to assist in                 installation.  Crown batteries is the OEM battery for     this vehicle.  If you change battery brands you may     need a different part number based on the center to     center cell spacing of your new batteries.

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Polaris Ranger XT EV-
     96V- WithTrojan or US Batteries

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Convience- Fill batteries in seconds from a single fill point without having to touch or even see your batteries! Fits all 6, 8, and 12 volt lead acid batteries with standard cell spacings. "Single Point Watering" eleminates need to remove vent covers to fill batteries. Automatically sends
 water to the low cell only. Installs in minutes with a pocket knife or tube cutter. PRO_FILL and Qwik-Fill is safe and more accurate than conventional filling.  "Single Point Watering" improves battery life and performance!

 Performance- Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on the work bench. Several batteries can be connected and filled at the same time, automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering.  Simple hand pump operation.  Use with any distilled water container.  Fill
 from any point above, at, or below battery water level.  Quick disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a "SNAP". No need to remove vent covers.

Reusable-, can be reistalled on new batteries when batteries are replaced. Fill batteries by
attaching the RV-2020 Handy-Pump or the Qwik-Fill pump.

Kit Selection- Each kit below is specifically designed for your car.

For other model batteries consult Jan Watercraft Products via our "CONTACT US" link shown

Factory Warranty
-  The PRO-FILL Battery Watering System is warranted for 5 years.  All
material of
construction are acid and temperature resistant.  Each valve is date coded so you
have our guarantee
that it will last five years.

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Utility Vehicles- 48V

Battery Watering Kit- Bad Boy RECOIL iS
Code: BG-BB64V-2
Price: $249.00
Quantity in Basket: none

2015 Bad Boy Recoil/Instinct 72V
Code: BG-U72V-1G
Price: $290.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Battery Water Kit- Polaris Ranger EV w/ US12XC Batt.
Code: BG-U96V-3-2C
Price: $300.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Battery Water kit- Polaris Ranger EV w/ Trojan T1275 Batteries
Code: BG-U96V-1A-2C
Price: $300.00
Quantity in Basket: none

  Polaris GEM eM1400
Code: BG-U48V-EM1400
Price: $150.00
Quantity in Basket: none

PRO-FILL Battery Watering Sytem- Eight 6V Batteries with standard 2.7 inch cell
Code: BG-U48V-1G
Price: $150.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Handy Pump- Water Supply- $6.00 Shipping will be added if ordered without a Battery Water Kit
Code: BA-MS-630
Price: $23.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Battery Life Saver- 48V Golf Cart, Off Road and EV's- 3/8" Eye Ring w/ ON-OFF Switch
Code: JWPBLS-48B
Price: $139.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Battery Life Saver- 48V Golf Cart- Restore and Desulfate Batteries with Auto-Shut-Off
Code: JWPBLS-48N
Price: $139.95
Quantity in Basket: none

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