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Whats New- Water Kit & Other Questions!
This is my attempt to put information on the web regarding most often asked questions. You may find useful answers about products sold on this site.  Browse the headlines to see what is out there. Enjoy!
6V Centennial Batteries-  from Howard Worzel, Surprise, AZ-  In March  of 2013 Howard reports that when trying to install a new PRO-FILL battery water valve in the 6V Ceneinnial battery the valve body will interfeer with the battery case.  Solution- using a small file remove a portion of the molded rib on the molded black molded valve body that interfeeres wiht the molded battery case.  Just several swoops of the file and the valve body will install into the case like a charm!.
Howard, thanks for this helpful tip.
8V Batteries- Changing Manifolds, I just bought another brand of battery- from Peter in Rancho California RV Resort-
In June of 2009 I purchased a JANWP fill system for my 6 x 8 volt Trojan battery system in my golf car. I replaced the batteries today with Energizer GC8 batteries. I need to purchase the manifolds in order to install the system on my new batteries. I retained and installed the JANWP cell caps and the tubing. Can you help me, please? Pete
I have shown below a chart from my web site. In looking at the chart it
appears that you probably mean the SAMS CLUB Energizer #GC8, 2.5" cell spacing. If that is the case then you can purchase new manifolds (the  plastic bar that goes across the top and connects the valves). Gently separate the valve from the bar by taking the blade of a screw driver and inserting the blade between the valve and the bar and twisting gently.  The pieces will separate. There is a "O Ring" seal between them. The new bars (manifolds) are assembled with the valve assemblies by putting a little spit on the new "O Ring" and assembling them with a twisting and pressing action at the same time. You can practice this with your current parts just to see what I mean.  Purchase new manifold bars on the "Accessory Page"-  Link to Accessory-  http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BWS_ACC  Manifold- BA-122, 6th item down, $4.50 each. Click on buy now, go to "View Order", modify quantity to 6, click update, go to "Check Out". Insert > information. Should do it!  I have attached information on 8V batteries and some other interesting  reading on batteries.  Link-  http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPCHART

 Bob- JWP
Three 12V Marine Batteries-  from Frank, Cape Coral, FL
I'm Interested in your Marine battery Quick-Fill. I have 3 batteries...1 24 for the cranking battery and 2 27's for house batteries, which system is for the 3 battery quick fill. I only see single and dual set ups. Thank you. Frank.
There is no three battery part number. You must order one of the JWPQF1
dual 12V battery kits and one of the JWPQF2 and a RV2020 Handy Pump. There is lots of extra tubing to set up the three batteries. If all of the three batteries are in the same location and on the same level then you can plumb them all to one fill point. If the single battery is in a separate location then you have the fill point from the single kit for this battery.  These parts can be ordered on line or via phone- In stock L:ink-  http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPRV  Sincerely,  Bob- JWP
I Want to add Solar Panels to my RV-  from Denny, Tarpon Springs, FL
Hi there,do you have solar panels and solar panel mount for my RV?
Here is what we have available. There are simple battery charger styles 
to the very complex sun tracking systems. It rally depends on how may watts of  power you will be trying to replace. Larger systems typically will have six 6V batteries, Trojan T105 or simular. This is sort of like a big science project.

Solar Panels By Lake Lite- 10-20 watt kits, 50 watts ($260 each) to 110 
watt panels ($550.00 each) , brackets custom fabricated or purchase from UNIRAC. Panels are high effencicy monocrystalline, tempered glass, high quality anodized aluminum frames.-

NOCO Power Products- up to 15 watt panels. You can hook up to four units 
in parallel to make 60 watts feed. See NOCO Power Products catalog.

We also represent "Sun Tracker". This is a entire system of solar panels,
 brackets, solar tracking device, batteries, inverters.  Link to Sun Tracker- http://www.outdoor-solutions.info/gpage.html  The is the grand daddy of RV solar systems. This is the bracket only for he sun tracking device shown below.

Standard Racks- UNIRAC, price range from 20" set flush ($56.50 per set) to
 52" tilting rack ($125.00)  www.unirack.com

 I'm just not sure of how intricate you want to get. Give me an idea of 
what you are looking for.
Sincerely, Bob- JWP
NEW BATTERIES- What Should I do to keep them in tip top condition?- from Peter in Rancho California RV Resort-
Is there any special procedure I should adopt given that the batteries are brand new?  Thanks, Pete
Pete, Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! For the first four to six weeks check the batteries every two weeks for proper water level. Turn one of the caps out and make sure it is full to the proper level. Do this for several weeks until you feel confident that the system is working properly. Make sure that you charger is not overcharging and driving water out of the batteries. If you see excessive water disappearing, suspect that the charger may be defective (overcharging) or you have a battery that will not take a charge. After you are sure that everything is working properly go to a four week schedule. Proper water level will extend the life of your batteries. Also, as time goes by it is a natural occurance for batteries to become sulfated and use more water. Adding a BLS will continously drive the sulfates off the battery cell plates without having to equalize. As batteries get older the sulfates on the plates will make the charger think that the battery is not fully charged and continue to chart and drive more water out of the battery. If you really want to know the condition of your batteries consider checking the specific gravity of the fluid with a hydrometer ( JWP BA-047) and checking the voltage with a volt meter. Consider adding a BLS to extend the life of these batteries- Link to test- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BLSDIW This is designed to keep all of your batteries in tip top conditon. It mounts on the cart and works on all batteries at the same time. Order- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JJWBSLP More Info- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPBLS Hope this helps! Bob- JWP
Yamaha- "The Drive"- What Comes With This Kit?- from Steve, Tucson, AZ
Does the battery fill kit for the Yamaha Drive come with installation instructions? Are the tubes already cut?- Steve, Tucson, AZ
Steve,  Here is the information shown on the web site for "The Drive". In addition all orders include owners manual as attached. Hope this helps. Tubes are cut to length. Questions, please call.  I once told a customer that a blind person can install this system. He orders and then called me to tell me I was right.  Sincerely,  Bob Brock- JWP  
Golf Cart Yamaha "The Drive" with 12V Trojan 1275 Battery
  =Link- = http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=JANWP&Product_Code=BG-Y48V-3&Category_Code=BWS_GOLF =Quantity:= BG-Y48V-3 Yamaha "The Drive"- System for 4 Batteries Battery > Manufacturer- Trojan T1275, Cell Spacing- 2.7 inches (from centeline of= cap= to centerine of adjancent cap) Water Level- Standard Yellow Valve Body= Water= Connector- standard QDV-505 Quick Coupler This system is a PRO-FILL system= that is used with one single fill point. Kit includes 24 valve assemblies,= 8= manifolds, tubing, press on caps, and BA-QDV-505 male quick coupler. This= system requires that you also order a BA-MS-630 Handy Pump. Five year= warranty from manufacturer. Manufactured by Flow-Rite Controls
RV Smart Light- Warranty and Other Stuff-  from Brian, Larkspur, CA
What is warranty? What is estimated life of the plastic - is it UV protected? Would you please email me the mounting hole layout and/or dimensions.- Bian, Larkspur, CA
Brian,  The Smart Light has a one year limited warranty against defects. UV protected. See specifications below. The mounting hole pattern is simular to many standard light fixtures. The partern is four holes that are 4" left to right and 1 3/8" up and down x 7/32" diameter. The plastic is simular to many other automotive lighting fixtures so should last a long time.  Housing- ABS, UV stabilized Lense- Polycarbonate UV stabilized  
 Technical Specs
Mechanical Material - Main Body - Is molded from a FR15U CSA Flame class rating 3 UV protected Resin-Paintable to match any RV
Lens cover - Is molded from
RTP Compound, 300FR A UV, which is UV stabilized Dimensions - 10.37 x 4.167 x 2.0 inches
Operational Temp - (-40C [-40F] to +85C [185F])
Color - Bone White
and Black
Lamp - 12 volt type 1003 For our customers convenience these Bulbs can be purchased at any automotive supply store or your favorite camping store
Total Power usage - When in sensing mode - 0.25 watts
When Bulb is activated - 12.5 watts
Bob- JWP
CLUB CAR- "Villager 2+2 LX LSV", What Kitfrom Thomas, The Villages, FL
I recently purchased the new club car Villager 2+2 LX LSV. It has 6 > US 8VGC XC batteries. Do you have a setup that will fit those batteries,  including the hand pump. What is the price with shipping? Thanks- Thomas
Thomas,  I'm sure that we do. The 8V US battery should have a cell spacing of 2.5". > Measure the distance between caps and this will give you the cell spacing.  I have on our on line store the following part number- BG-U48V-2 This is a kit for six 8V US batteries with 2.5" cell spacing.  This kit has a single piece of tubing that you will have to cut to connect between batteries. I have attached a simular layout so you can see how this works.  You can order direct on line via this link, you kit is the 8th item down from the top-  Link- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BWS_GOLF  You also need a pump- BA-MS-630, itme 13 from the top of the same page.  Just double check the cell spacing and you should be all set.  A$165 pluse $20  for the  pump, FREE SHIPPING!  Sincerely,  Bob- JPW
Why Won't your program accept my Order?
Jon,  I have it. Inet #2563. You should see a e-mail confirmation. It just takes a couple minutes for the electronic order to process and send back a message to your e-mail.  Bob- JWP

Order- Procedure-
1.  Find the product you want to purchase
2.  Click on "Add To Basket" or "Buy One Now", continue to additional items until you have all the item you wish to purchase
3.  Go to "CHECK OUT" located in upper right hand corner of page.  View order
4.  Click on "View Order" to modify or delete order.
5.  Go back to "Check Out" to finalize order.
6.  Submit Order, you are finished.  You will receive a e-mail confirmation in your "IN BOX".
Why Not Just Use a Siphon Pump?- from Brent, The Villages, FL
...I'll try to find a siphon pump locally. Just send the fill system. Brent, The Villages, FL
Brent,  A pump with the proper connector is requird to use the system. I was just asking if you already had a pump. So if you don't have a pump please locate a dealer in the Villages that has one. You will need it.  Sorry, it is just that the pump does not come with the kit because many customers have a 12V DC Pump or one of may other style pumps or they have multiple kits that they are ordering at one time and can use one pump for many kits. The BA-MS-630 is the easiest, most efficeint, and least expersive method of pumping the water into the batteries.  If you can't get the BA-MS-630 pump locally I strongly suggest that you order on line. The suggested list price is $24.00. My on line price is $20.00 and you would get free shipping when shipped with your current kit order.  Sincerely,  Bob Brock- JWP
"Battery Life Saver" for my 36V Golf Cart- from Nick, Martinsville, IN
Do you make a 6 v battery desulfator ? I have a golf cart with 6 6volt batteries or could a 12 volt be hooked across 2 6 volt batteries as they are in series ?
Nick, There is a desulfator for your golf cart with six 6V batteries. The BLS's are rated for the voltage that your charger is charging and will desulfate all the batteries at the same time. You just hook up the leads to the same terminals as the charger and presto, you will be desulfating all the batteries at the same time. Link to purchase- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPBLSPRO Link to my test- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BLSDIW Link to reviving a dead battery- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPBLSWORK You will see this part # on the page/link above. JWPBLS-36A. Bob- JWP
Battery Water kit for Kandi COCO- from Greg, Oklahoma City, OK
What would I need to purchase as a battery fill system for a kandi COCO car. What is the cost?  Thanks, Greg
Greg,  Thank you for your inquiry.  There are two kits required for the COCO. One for the four battery area  and  one for the front two battery area. In addition one pump is required.  Here is pricing-  Four Trojan 1275 Plus Battery Kit- $165.00 Part #BG-U48V-8, Two Trojan 1275 Plus Battery Kit- $115.00 Part #BG-U24V-8. Pump- BA-MS-630- $20.00  Also Available- 72V Battery Life Saver- In stock- $119.95.  As you are aware the COCO is nearly impossible to access and add water to  your batteries. With these kits there will be two fill points. One for  each  battery area. The two front batteries should have the fill point located  in  the washer fluid area.  Here is a link to our web page showing these part numbers.  These prices include free shipping and a 5 year warranty on the water  valves, the major component of the kits.  Link to JWP Water Kits- > http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWP_GEM Coco Link Showing Vehicle Specification- go to page above and see link.  If you have any questions please call.  Sincerely, > > Bob Brock- JWP
Instructions included with Battery Water Kits?- from John, The Villages, FL
With the product do we get installation instructions for year 2000  Club Car 48 volt system?, John, The Villages
John,  Yes, included with each order is a full set of directions (Owners Manual). I have  attached  them to this e-mail so you can see exactly what is involved. See page 8  of  the instruction manual for the Club Car layout pre 2005.  If you are interested in ordering you can do so on line or by calling.  Sincerely,  Bob Brock- JWP
Instrucion Manual- now includes intallation drawing for CC Precedent 8V batteries, Club Car Precedent 12V battereis, Club Car DS 8V batteries, Club Car DS 12V batteries, Yamaha- The Drive,  E-Z Go RXV, Fair Play and E-Z Go 6V batteries, Par Car.
House Boat with eight batteries, what kits?- from Ed, Santa Cruz, CA
We have a houseboat with 8 - 6volt Interstate U2200 deep cycle batteries that are set in two battery boxes 4 batteries to a box that are set under deck side by side. I have room in either box to set a 1 gal.  jug of distilled water.  Could I keep the water jug 2 feet away in the engine compartment so I can easily see if the jug needs to refilled or replaced.  What type of equipment do I need to make your quick fill product work for  us.  Also give us the cost of what is need. The process of lifting up the  deck hatch then the battery box lids and pouring water into 24 battery cells is getting to be to much for and old guy. Ed
Ed,  Isn't it early out there?  Regarding you batteries. The Interstate U2200 has a standard 2.7" cell spacing on the top of the battery. Assuming you can drill a hole through the wall of the box (about 1/2"), then you can run the water fill tube  from one side to the other and have only ONE fill point for the entire system.  Regarding the filling part. The easiest way to fill is with a hand pump.  It should take about 3 minutes per month if you take your time. You  essentially have the same set up as a floating 48V golf cart. Now you do  NOT leave the water pump connected to the system. Strange things can  happen  like siphoning. So you only connect the water when you want to add water  and disconnect the connector when you are finished. Always disconnect the  pump and put the rubber cap over the fill point until you are ready to fill again.  Each valve will shut off the water to that cell independently until all cells are full. Squeeze the hand pump bulb until you will feel a pressure build up in the hand pump like a outboard motor gas pump. When you feel the positive pressure you are finished. If you can't drill a hole through the box then add a second fill point for the second group of batteries. Kit BG-U48V-3- $165.00 Pump BA-MS-630- $20.00 Fill Point BA-QDV-505- $16.00 (found under parts)  Shipping- Free  Link to Order Page-  http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BWS_GOLF 
Hope this answers all your questions.
Sincerely,  Bob- JWP
SORRY- No Kit for the Ray O Vac Ultra Pro from Batteries PLUS- Robert, Roseburg, OR
I am looking for a Quick Fill System for an electric cart that has > 3 - 12 vold Deep Cycle Batteries. The batteries are Ray O Vac - Ultra Pro, > Group: Scrub, Part No.:SL15SHP, CA:700, CCA:600. I need a quote for the > entire system, thanks.
Robert,  This battery is a new one for me. I am afraid that the battery you have  has  these small pop in caps like in the battery shown. These have a little  flat  cap that does not have a battery water system for this style of battery.  I can see from the pictures of the Ray O Vac battery that it looks like a Deka battery. If you can send a picture then I can be sure. However if your battery has a conventional bayonet cap that is a 1/4 turn  to lock in place, like a golf cart battery shown then a system will most likely work on your battery. RayOVac must get these batteries from a differnet company.  If you click on this link to golf cart batteries you may see one that looks the same- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BWS_GOLF 
 Battery Life Saver Link-
http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=BLSDIW  Again, I have never seen the battery you have purchased.  Sincerely,  Bob Brock- JWP
Note- a trip to the local Batteries PLUS store revealed that each store has a choice where they purchase batteries. They may stock batteries that will accept a battery water kit depending on who they get their batteries from.  The Ray O Vac battery with the small press in cap will not accept a battery water kit.
8D Interstate Battery Kits- from Jean, Merritt, NC
Good Afternoon - On May 14th we ordered a Pro-Fill watering system from you for our "house" system which utilizes 6V batteries. It is wonderful - now we need a system for the starting batteries. What we have are two 8D (12V) Exide com 8D batteries. Is there a fill system for these two monsters?  Please let me know ASAP as they are both located in a battery box that makes checking/filling a major job. Thanks for your help. Jean
Jean, YES.  On my web site there is a section for the 8D battery. This system is designed to press into a .75" hole in the top of the battery. Some of the older style 8D batteries have a .75 screw thread. This takes the same > valve with a special "O" ring. See photo attached.  Here is a link to the web page- http://janwp.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JANWP&Category_Code=JWPAP
 Note that the battery specified is a energizer. So check the .75 hole
diameter to confirm. I have a kit for two batteries in stock.  Bob- JWP

 This is a battery water kit for a single Interstate 4D-XHD, 6D-XHD, or
> 8D-XHD battery. These batteries have a .75" diameter fill hole. Water shut > off level- 1.379" (35MM).This is the only size hole this will fit. This > kit > includes tubing and coupler necessary to connect to a standard "Handy > Pump" > BA-MS-630
Installing Kits, Where Does the Air Go? Bob, Plano, TX
I bought the flow-rite system from you and installed it. Do I need to bleed the air out, or does that happen when I squeeze the bulb?  I read the directions, didn't address this. Thx, Bob
Bob,  The valves are designed exactly like the caps in regards to venting. Each valves is vented so air will not be entrapped inside the battery cell.  Just  fill by squeezing the handy pump and any air in the tubing/system will vent out. Thanks for the good question.  Sincerely,  Bob- JWP
Using GRAVITY Feed for Watering- from George, The Villages, FL
I bought your system and the hand pump a few weeks ago.Could I get a gravity feed accessory??? Rather have a 5 gallon capacity. Thank you.  Geroge, The Villages
George, > > I would rather talk you out of gravity water system. Here is why- (read > everything) > > With gravity you have to elevate the tank 6' above the top of the battery > to > make sure that you create enough pressure to shut off the valves. When > you > water by the pump, you are creating more than enough pressure to precisely > shut off the valves. Next, when you water by gravity it is really SLOW > and > you must disconnect the water supply when you are finished or you will > flood > the batteries, that's bad. > > I have attached a little message from the president (not Obomha) regarding > gravity watering. > >
Price for the gravity system-
> > BA-MS-702 All 6 volt kits except RV Edition Gravity feed tank, 5 gal. > capacity without a auto shut off valve. Includes welded/painted mounting > bracket. Must be mounted 6' above battery level. $150.00 >
BA-MS-700 All 6 volt kits except RV Edition Gravity feed tank, 5 gal.
> capacity with a auto shut off valve to prevent overflowing. Includes > welded/painted mounting bracket. Must be mounted 6' above battery level. > $187.50 > > >
Here is another option. Consider a 5 gallon plastic tank with 12V
> submersible pump and a transformer that plugs into a 120V wall plug. > > AP-WS-300 All 6 volt kits except RV Edition Auto-PRO watering system, > 20 liter molded container with submersible 12V DC pump inside container. > Comes with 120V AC transformer and standard 120V AC plug. $189.95 > > > From the supplier this does not come with a flow indicator, however if you > are handy you can easily plumb a flow indicator > >
Flow-Indicator- BA-FLW-20 Flow Indicator with 3/4" NPT thread. $46.00.
>with plastic adapter from the hose to the > flow-indicator with 1/4" ID. press on tubing on one end and a 3/4 NPT male > other end.
Long story. Hope you got all this.
> > Bob- JWP
Note- standing water will spoil and begin growing alge.  Visually check your water for clairty.  Always use distilled water when adding water to batteries.

Whats New- Questions You All Ask
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